Donnette Zacca

Donnette Zacca graduated from the Edna Manley College some  twenty-five years ago and within that time she feels she has accomplished a lot in her career. She feels her training in both Graphic Design, Photography and Education has contributed greatly to what she does and who she is today. After graduating, Donnette Zacca spent five years teaching at Wolmers Boy’s School  and freelanced as a graphic artist/photographer for a number of different advertising agencies but her  most comfortable place to work has been the Photo Department  at the EMSVA.To date, she has had three solo exhibititions, each drawing on a different stage of her development. She has taken part in a number of group exhibitions at home and abroad and has also been awarded a number of awards including merits and bronze, silver and gold medals from  Annual National Photographic Competitions. She has also designed and distributed photo art cards. She says: “I feel I have realised a dream, and the magic still happens.” PA-S 2000