Do you have a Caribbean work of art or a piece of furniture that needs appraising? Arriving at an accurate value for art work is a rigorous process of research and documentation. To best accomplish this, an appraiser ideally needs a broad art-historical knowledge as well as a specialized interest in the object(s) and their markets, to determine value. Because appraisals must be fair and unbiased, it is best to consult someone that does not have other commercial art interests such as collecting or dealing as part of their business operations. In this way, you can avoid conflicts of interest that might distort the fair price of your work. Additionally, ensure that any fee determined is not a percentage of the value of the work(s) under consideration since this type of payment can also lead to abuse. Choose an appraiser that charges an hourly rate or a fee per item, in this way you can ensure that the appraisal is impartial and that the value arrived at is not over-priced to suit the valuator's pocket!


Fine art appraisal in the Caribbean is a fairly new and little recognised profession. In the past, collectors who wished to have their art valued were resigned to using art or insurance valuators who were not formally trained in professional methods of appraisal. As a result, the documentation provided varied in accuracy of research, formal content and values determined. Whether for insurance, estate or resale purposes, clients wanting items valued need to know that an appraisal report will of necessity always be more than seven pages in length and should be completed in a manner that is legally binding. As awareness of the appraisal profession increases, clients learn that there are certain standards and a code of ethics that protect the profession, the appraiser, and the client. We recommend that you choose an appraiser who has been trained according to the  Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and one whose professional and ethical standards are verified by an internationally recognized appraisal organisation such as the Appraiser's Association of America.


As a professionally trained and certified Caribbean appraiser. I suggest that you examine the credentials, fine art degrees, and academic training of anyone offering you valuations before engaging their services.


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