Blue Curry

Blue Curry is a Bahamian born artist currently working in London where he completed his M.F.A. at Goldsmiths University. Trained initially as a  photographer, his work has now expanded to large scale installations and assemblages that demonstrate his eye for minimalism and the curated space. His most recent works, forming part of his M.F.A display are sculptural in feel and whimsical in content. Palm fronds, created from welded steel and plastic, question his current sense of location and dislocation. Meanwhile his accompanying videos that  focus on the Caribbean landscape, lost, found and represented, critique notions of discovery and the claiming of space. Combined, his multi-media images although nostalgic, are more closely rooted in a sense of  irony typical of a generation who recognise the Caribbean's shifting cultural status as a result of events such as colonialism, tourism, immigration and U.S. cultural hegemony and who question their own role as artists in this island paradigm. Curry registers his concerns provocatively finding ways to alter public perception and invert our understanding of place.