Kereina Changfatt, Jamaican artist,

There is something ethereal about Kereina Changfatt's work. They are tender fragile forms that speak to temporality and the difficulty of location. In many ways they represent the artist's own life experience and her sense of dislocation, at once divided between memory and loss; between past and present, between enigma and exposure. Kerienna takes us with her as she navigates the spaces and relationships of her life, held together by the thinnest of threads.

What binds Changfatt's work together is a preoccupation with drawing that harks back to her earliest exposure to printmaking at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. Although she would eventually graduate with a Diploma in Painting (2002), her language is still tied to etching and a preoccupation with nuanced surfaces that hide and elide. Today, however she employs a variety of media incorporating paper, paint, photography and fabric within her compositions. Even so, her touch remains delicate, leaving the viewer to fill in the gaps that are as much about absence as they are her artistic presence. They are a careful balance of secrecy and disclosure. Kereina is currently pursuing a Masters in Art Education with Ohio State University. She continues to exhibit in Jamaica.