Lorraine Morgan

As Lorraine Morgan’s work becomes more personal, it becomes smaller in scale. As she comes closer to an understanding of herself and her world, she becomes more focussed and detailed in her work and its presentation. Her technique in recent years has been distinctive using holes and spheres punched from paper or scraps of paper shredded, cut and pieced back together. Thus, she builds her surfaces so that they read topographically as textured, and psychologically as emotionally intense. Combining printmaking skills with painterly expressiveness learnt at the School of Visual Arts, she lures the viewer into her private domain of miniscule forms, collaged imagery and text that demands close reading. Once there, we are mesmerized by its minutiae and its intimacy. She allows us to traverse the landscape of her mind with all  its mundane routines and its gnawing longings. PA-S 2004