Jah live!

Submitted byJeeraik009 onSat, 11/06/2010 - 11:10

If as Rastas believe, we are all divine and ever living then we cannot be sad about the passing of Alton 'Barry' Chevannes one of the movement's finest scholarly supporters. Instead we must celebrate his life and consider his achievements in support of Rastafari. As a university academic and a cultural activist/pacifist Chevannes helped to remove the stigma from the movement that was once reviled and almost outlawed by the State. Today, the Rastafari movement is a global phenomenon, popularised through its music and spiritual life style. Chevannes sociologist, anthropologist and the author of important books such as Rastafari: Roots and Ideology and Rastafari and Other World Views played a significant part in extrapounding the beliefs of Rastas as well helping to decriminalise their sacred herb marijuana. As the Chairman of the Institute of Jamaica and dean of the UWI's Faculty of Social Sciences, Chevannes put his intellectual weight behind the movement helping others to see it as a modern cultural phenomenon with roots that our nation should be proud of. In this sense his legacy lives and Jah lives!