Submitted byJeeraik009 onSat, 10/30/2010 - 00:15


It is ironic and perhaps sad that Roktowa the building and organisation that has become an artist's beacon in downtown Kingston is opening its gift store Glyph uptown at Red Bones Cafe this week. The new outlet's location in a trendy New Kingston happy hour spot reminds us that the patrons and well wishers of contemporary Jamaican art are still not prepared to frequent the Roktowa's huge warehouse space for more than the obligatory hours of an exhibition opening. The idea of hanging out downtown is still not chic. Even so, we wish Creative Director Melinda Brown well as she launches this project that will showcase 'beautiful and curious object d'art' for the xmas season. Profits go towards Roktowa's exhibition program which has so far supported artists from the local and mainstream contemporary artists community as well as a recent exhibition of Haitian artisans in residence there. If the reception poster is anything to go by, the Haitian connection will offer a new twist on the often predictable shopper's fare available at other uptown venues.