Ebony's Doiley Boyz

Ebony G. Patterson was in Kingston last week for the opening of her exhibition Gangstas, Disciplez + the Doiley Boyz at the CAGe. Diaspora Dialogs went to preview her show and to interview her about her continued interest in Jamaican dance hall culture. Her interview is great material for teaching about what's new in contemporary Caribbean art. She's articulate, inspiring and enthusiastic.

Ebony's images imaginatively recreate portraits of young black males who bleach their skin, pluck their eyebrows and wear 'bling' jewellery to enhance their gangsta status. Ebony finds beauty in their psychic violence glamourizing them with glittered halos and luscious lipstick.

This is 'pulp fiction for Jamaica's dance hall. Check out the Ebony G. Patterson interview!