Lest we forget....?

Submitted byJeeraik009 onFri, 11/12/2010 - 11:47


After its successful showing in London the exhibition From War to Windrush is opening at the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston. Organised by the Imperial War Museum, the exhibition uses multi-media to document the contribution of over 10,000 service men, women and many more civilians who aided Britain's victory in the Second World War and after. The images and experiences of these volunteers and immigrants remind us that war-torn Britain was not dissimilar from today's Iraq with major cities being blitzed and whole communities demolished. Family life too was disrupted with fathers joining the war, mothers working in arms factories and children evacuated. Yet ,even as West Indians rushed to rebuild Britain, their service would lead to even longer term dislocation back in the islands. In the next ten years more that 125,000 West Indians left their homes for Britain, often creating broken families and children abandoned to be raised by grandmothers.  Many  never returned, remaining in Britain to face prejudice and resentment or sometimes worse, cultural invisibility. From War to Windrush documents the successes and failures of those years in a manner that is poignant, compelling, and especially important for those who cannot forget because they are still dealing with the consequences of those brutal years.