New Heights

Submitted byJeeraik009 onFri, 10/07/2011 - 14:22


The Olympia Gallery in Kingston has just launched its new website. Appropriately, the online design features the mural by senior artist Barrington Watson that has come to characterize the gallery's distinctive architecture and the optimism that accompanied the building's establishment in the 1960s. Founded by art patron A.D. Scott and supported by members of the Contemporary Artists Association such as Karl Parboosingh, Eugene Hyde, Aubrey Williams, the gallery represented the dream of Jamaica's newly independent intelligentsia who wanted to see art placed at the center of their country's nationalist agenda. Although, the vision of the Gallery as a thriving arts community and artist in residence retreat was never fully realized, its architecture and permanent collection still speak to the potential of that moment. Currently, the Olympia is experiencing a revival in popularity under the management of Rosemarie Thwaites and it is good that she has the foresight to see that Olympia's outreach must go beyond its brick and mortar facilities to embrace an extensive audience online. Click here to watch the 2 min video and to learn more about the gallery's design and history.