Yuh Rate Galleries


While the heat is on this summer, why not spend your lunch hours in the coolest of gallery spaces dotted throughout Kingston. There are several to choose from and you will find themready to welcome traffic-weary visitors. Here's a list of some of the more popular places and once you've visited be sure to rate your choice online with Yuh Rate

Mutual Life Gallery,
  a midtown gallery that is host to contemporary exhibitions of both established and up-and coming younger artists.

Olympia Art Centre, a gallery with a longstanding reputation for contemporary exhibitions that date back to the 1960s. Don't miss the murals on its wall and beautiful sculptures placed throughout the surrounding landscape.

HiQo this gallery has been a favorite with artists who regularly frame and display their works there. The ideal spot for browsing through art by popular names.

Amaicraft, the gallery above this frame store is a well kept secret, where those in the know regularly go to view and buy choice pieces from select artists.

The National Gallery of Jamaica is the nation's premier exhibition space that showcases permanent and temporary exhibitions comprising hundreds of works normally not for sale. Supported by guided tours, education programmes, a gift shop and more.

Frame Centre Gallery where you can find art by some of the most respected artists on the Jamaican scene at  reasonable price.

Kudos to Studio 174 a group of young artists who run an exhibition space at 174 Harbour Street in downtown, Kingston. Go there for fresh ideas and new works.

Revolution Gallery offers more than just art, it's a gallery collective promoting artist exchanges and other activities.